When you drop a new idea in the pond of the world, you get a ripple effect.

Collaborative Business Ventures (CBV) was founded on the principle which states a hierarchy of needs is fundamental to all humans. 

CBV works with a tool box of brands used to build unique, diverse economical self-sustainable communities globally. 

At CBV we educate and empower citizens to serve their local markets with pride of ownership. We create access to better quality of life through affordable food production. We deliver renewable energy solutions which are not grid dependent. We provide vital shelters for living and working and finally we supply everything needed to be mobile through electric vehicles. We engage people to build a sustainable ecosystem which allows their network to prosper locally and globally. 

We come at things from a strategy first position and deployment second. This allows us to customize from the tool box a truly sustainable approach to business development and we are pushing at all sides to explore and find better ways to be good stewards for future generations.