As the world braces for unsettling change and the need to feed growing populations we need to find LOCAL solutions to a crisis in motion. Climate change and other external factors have brought , HRBAN FARMS to fruition through the use of vertical farming techniques in local areas and even homes. 

With produce controlled hydroponic farming, Hrban Farms will use a patented process married with water cooled LED lights to produce the freshest leafy greens. By using vertical farming, Hrban Farms staff can access the entire farm from the ground, and avoid the need for expensive farming and harvesting equipment. Our controlled environment agriculture system lets us produce food year-round, outside of the effects of climate change.

HRBAN FARMS believes that people should have the choice of food that is grown in a sustainable way. We believe in transparent food systems and want to be a shining example of a company that creates a positive change in both local and global communities.

CBV is assisting in the identification and deployment of local indoor farms serving communities all over the world.